AngelMule Story

The idea was borne from experiences of two of its co-founders, Andrew and Avis.

While travelling through rural Rwanda Andrew happened to visit an orphanage for kids who's parents had been killed in the genocide - after talking to the kids and hearing their stories he wanted to help them in some way. As it turns out, it was as easy as going to the next village and buying some books, pencils and a football.

Andrew says "It was the most amazing experience to turn up at the orphanage with a football and see the ecstatic reactions of the kids who had been using a plastic water bottle to kick around... such a small thing made such a big impact on the kids, and made me feel great too. I wanted other travellers to be able to feel that."

Avis, another of mmMules co-founders had a similar experience while working as a volunteer in Tanzania. There were so many times when she was teaching in class that she would have loved to have books for the kids to read, pencils for them to write with or just have coloured chalk for the blackboard. At the same time the project staff had a real need to supply impoverished families with mosquito nets, clothing, medicine and more.

The angel mule story

Avis with her students in Tanzania

After speaking to fellow travellers Andrew and Avis realised that most were really keen to make a difference on their vacation but didn't really know how to go about it.

Avis says, "so we thought.... what if we created a place where organisations all over the world could post what they need and travellers from around the world could deliver it to them on their vacations? What difference would it make? And that's how AngelMule was born."