the good mule guide

As a peer-to-peer community mmMule relies on you, it's members, to maintain a happy, honest community. Each member can impact the experience of others, so to ensure a successful experience for all, we ask that our community stand by these simple golden rules.

  • For Mules

  • 1


    Should you encounter any problems securing the requested item or your travel plans unexpectedly change notify your host immediately.

  • 2

    Be respectful

    Treat your local host, their friends & their property as you would your own! Unless specified, your reward is just for you. Check with your local host before inviting additional people.

  • 3


    Once a host accepts your offer of delivery, confirm (or decline) promptly.

  • 4

    Be open & honest

    Should any problems arise whilst you're visiting your local host, immediately notify them so they have a chance to correct it. They aren't psychic (most of them).

  • 5


    Leave feedback for your host. They appreciate it and so do we!

  • For Locals

  • 1

    Uphold your promises

    Accepting a delivery is a commitment. Your Mule may outlay costs & is also depending on you for an important part of their travels, so honor that. 

  • 2

    Play nice

    Your Mule has used their precious time & money to deliver your item. Say thanks & greet them with a smile!

  • 3

    Be Helpful

    Give your Mule as much help as possible to find your requested item – suggest a local store & set a maximum price.

  • 4

    Keep your listings up-to-date

    We've made it so that you can accept multiple deliveries for each request you make. If you're happy with your existing deliveries, deactivate your listing – it will save your time & that of others!

  • 5

    Respond and review 

    Promptly reply to messages & delivery requests. Once you have received your delivery please leave feedback for your Mule. They appreciate it and so do we!