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mmMule at a glance:

mmMule is a social travel network that connects locals who want stuff with travellers who can deliver it.

Now locals can get anything they want from anywhere in the world, like a hard to find item of clothing from the U.S., a boutique bottle of wine from France or a craved food item from South America. All they need to do is reward a traveler with a local experience for delivering it.

In return for delivery travelers get to meet interesting new people and get rewarded with authentic travel experiences like a few drinks at a cool local bar, local tips on where to hang out or even a place to crash for a few nights.

mmMule is a whole new way to travel, meet people and get stuff delivered. No matter if you're a local craving something you just can’t live without or you’re a traveler who wants to get more out of your travels, mmMule is here to turn dreams into reality.


AngelMule at a glance:

AngelMule uses travellers to deliver supplies to not-for-profit projects who in turn reward them with fun, cultural travel experiences.

AngelMule aims to provide a trusted, transparent platform that connects not-for-profit projects in need directly with travellers who are able to assist them, whilst providing travellers with rewarding and truly unique travel experiences.


Spelling mmMule

mmMule is one continuous string of characters with only the third M capitalized, all other letters should be lower case.


Spelling AngelMule

AngelMule is one continuous string of characters with only the A and M capitalized.