founding team

Well hello there. We're the mmMule team.

  • henry

    Henry | Co-Founder | Chief Mule

    Henry our cheeky mascot gets to have all the fun. He spends his time traveling the world with our co-founders spreading the word about mmMule. He loves the limelight and has recently been seen at the G20 conference in Mexico and has just spent a few weeks in NYC delivering yummy treats to expats. When not schmoozing he’s usually off climbing mountains, trekking through wild jungles or just lying on a tropical beach somewhere working on his tan.

  • andrew simpson

    Andrew Simpson | Co-Founder | CEO

    Australian born but at home anywhere, Andrew has lived in 4 countries and traveled through more than 50. Prior to starting mmMule Andrew was a creative director in New York City working on advertising campaigns for Pepsi, 7up, Doritos, HSBC and Microsoft.

    Becoming a little frustrated with the lack of U.S. vacation time Andrew decided to combine his passion for travel with his skills in business and returned to Bondi Beach in Australia to start He is passionate about living out his dream of helping travelers and local people around the world whilst also working from anywhere on the globe... whether it be on Bondi Beach, a little bungalow in Brazil or on the top of a mountain in Nepal.

  • avis mulhall

    Avis Mulhall | Co-Founder | Marketing Director

    An Irish girl who ditched her successful career in Ireland in 2008 to move to Africa where she lived in a rainforest in Tanzania, traveled through 15 countries and ran a surf and yoga lodge in Mozambique before moving to Oz to set up mmMule.

    Avis has lived in 4 countries and traveled to countless others. She has worked in business development and marketing for over 8 years, partnering with major brands in financial services. Passionate about social innovation, connecting people and travel, Avis is our caped crusader who fully intends on changing the world with AngelMule. When she was small she genuinely believed she could fly. It ended badly.

  • alan mulhall

    Alan Mulhall | Co-Founder | Development Director

    An Irishman who has lived in Germany, England and Australia followed by LA where he now lives in the sunny hills of Montrose.

    Alan has spent the last 10 years building successful travel rewards websites for clients like Visa, Wachovia Bank and City National Bank. He is known to eat books of code for breakfast.

  • jennifer rice

    Jennifer Rice | PR Guru

    Jen our resident Southern Belle works on our global Public relations. She recently relocated to Utah from NYC to live the mountain life. Luckily for us she is a well connected person and helps spread the word about mmMule far and wide via her great press contacts.

    She is always happy and bubbly, except when on one of her juice fasts. We think she secretly wishes she were Australian, evidenced by her love of Vegemite and Lucas PawPaw creme which she keeps posting on mmMule.

  • tabitha chan

    Tabitha Chan | AngelMule Intern

    Tabitha is a traveller, illustrator and day-dreamer living in Sydney who is determined to leave the world in a better state than when she found it.

    While the number of her travel adventures can be counted on one hand, her all-time favourite memories include getting lost in the snow somewhere in rural Japan, and having gastro while on homestay in a Fijian village. She’s already had the pleasure of visiting different charities and organisations abroad and wants to help AngelMule share that joy-of-giving to travellers around the world. She unashamedly loves to eat SPAM and plans to never throw out her Nintendo 64.